Toll Road Operators

All toll roads in Brisbane are fully electronic, with no cash booths. To pay, you will need to open a go via account or purchase a pass before you travel. If you forget to buy a pass before travelling, you can purchase one within 3 days of having used the road.

go via is the toll payment provider in Queensland.

Current toll prices

Please note that the prices below are for the tolls only and don’t include fees. Visit go via for information on fees.

Toll road
Specific route
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Light commercial vehicle
Class 4
Heavy commercial vehicle
Bowen Hills to Kedron $2.69 $5.38 $8.07 $14.25
Bowen Hills to Toombul $2.69 $5.38 $8.07 $14.25
Kedron to Toombul $2.02 $4.03 $6.05 $10.69
Clem7 Clem Jones Tunnel $2.47 $4.93 $7.40 $13.07
Gateway Ext. Motorway Kuraby $1.30 $2.59 $3.89 $6.86
Gateway Motorway Murarrie (Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges) $2.20 $4.39 $6.59 $11.63
Go Between Bridge Go Between Bridge $1.54 $3.08 $4.61 $8.16
Legacy Way Legacy Way Tunnel $2.47 $4.94 $7.40 $13.08
Logan Motorway Heathwood $1.37 $2.74 $4.10 $7.25
Loganlea $0.83 $1.66 $2.50 $4.41
Paradise Road (on and off ramp) $1.37 $2.74 $4.10 $7.25

*You can view the above toll point locations on a map.

For more information on vehicle classes visit

Benefits of using toll roads

Time savings
Toll roads help to make your journey smoother and more convenient with more consistent travel times. They also help you avoid traffic congestion.

Dedicated traffic incident management
Brisbane toll roads use state of the art traffic management technology to improve your safety on the road and minimise the impact of incidents. Keeping traffic flowing will help you to reach your destination sooner.

Safe roads and infrastructure
Queensland toll road operators are committed to the continuous improvement of our roads, delivering regular maintenance to ensure quality road, bridge and tunnel conditions.

Customer service
go via is Queensland’s leading toll payment provider, with a range of toll payment options to suit all motorists, regardless of how often you travel. go via aims to deliver a simple and fair tolling experience for all motorists in Brisbane, helping to provide a safe, easy and reliable journey on our road network.

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