Road Safety

Traffic Management staff monitor toll roadsRoad safety is a key priority on all Queensland toll roads.

The following simple advice will help to ensure a safe journey for all drivers.

General road safety tips:
  • always follow the speed limit and always obey the Queensland Road Rules – all speed limits are enforced
  • keep a safe distance from the car in front (at least a two-second gap)
  • secure your load – penalties can apply for insecure loads
  • take extra care when merging and entering a motorway
  • move into your exit lane with plenty of time to spare.

24/7 roadside response

As well as offering motorists travel time savings and reliability, all Queensland toll roads provide motorists with the added safety and security of a 24 hour incident response service.

All toll roads and tunnels are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by closed circuit television cameras, ensuring the roadside response vehicles are dispatched and emergency services are contacted if required.

Incident response vehicles offer motorists assistance and basic mechanical repairs, and carry spare fuel for motorists who have broken down. They also carry spill clean-up material and clear debris that has fallen from vehicles in running lanes to ensure the safety of all motorists.

Tunnel road safety tips

Read more about road safety when driving in tunnels, including vehicle restrictions and what to do if you break down in a tunnel.