How to pay a toll?

go via is the preferred toll payment provider in Queensland.

All toll roads in Brisbane are fully electronic, with no cash booths. To pay, you will need to open an account or purchase a pass before you travel. If you forget to buy a pass before travelling, you can purchase one within 3 days of having used the road.

By doing this you will be covered for travel on all Brisbane toll roads. Remember you must pay your tolls within three days.

Cars on a Toll Road

What happens if I do not pay my tolls?

You must pay your tolls within 3 days of travel.
Toll evasion is an offence. Failure to pay your tolls within 3 days may result in the following consequences:

  • you will be issued with toll notices which will include administration fees, in addition to the toll charges
  • if you fail to pay the toll notices, you may be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.

Can I use my interstate toll account on Queensland roads?

Yes. Most tolling accounts can be used for travel in Brisbane.

Prior to travel, it’s important that you:

  • check your account is able to be used in Queensland
  • ensure your vehicle number plate is registered on your account
  • ensure your account has a positive balance at all times.